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Student Instructional Websites

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Description/Educational Uses
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Provides educational computer games and mobile apps for kids
This is a log in page and does not give access to any content or information regarding the services provided.
Comprehensive Math and Scient practice site
A site with informational and engaging videos and quizzes and activities for the classroom.
Fun tool to improve student behavior and engagement by awarding and recording real- time feedback.
Provides lesson quizzes on Algebra 1
Free website allowing you to read tutorials and play games related to all types of math
Cornwall-Lebanon School District Information, requires a log in
Not Available
IU13 supports both of these services that provide teachers and students access to hundreds of free educational digital media, including high quality video clips and full-length videos
A safe and secure classroom learning management and networking site for students and teachers. Teachers can post assignments, discussions, and files for student engagement.
Provides games, worksheets and samples of free workbooks. To be used by teacher, student or parent
Online curriculum materials
Provides critical thinking by using a digital learning platform
Allows students and teachers to create imaginary profile pages for study purposes
Not Available
Provides an archive of Fakebooks for inspiration
Not Available
Turns Google Spreadsheets into a set of online flashcards
Not Available
Create your own gameshow style board
Resources for differentiated math instruction for K-8 classrooms
Provides free educational games, online books, and comics
Games that can be played in different locations
Not Available
Interactive lessons give students the opportunity to experience daily challenges without real-world consequences, topics include around town, food and cooking, health and safety, money, and work skills
A game where you are asked a question and you use your seach skills to find the answer
Google Apps offers teachers and students access to web-based documents, sites, calednar, maps, readera nd more web-based applications for learning and collaboration
Part of the Google App-allows you to ask questions and get answers to those questions
Access free educational resources for grade K-12
Coding and programming activites to promote computer science education
Allows students to create, engage and explore history
Provides definitions of common idioms
Online service thatuses questions in order to increase a student's understanding of post secondary success
Allows access through IU 13 Instructiona Media Services to IXL math and language art program offerings
Dynamic, adaptive online learning activities
Connect in real time to create social, fun and game-based learning
A library of thousands of videos to help students learn in a new way at their own pace
Pre K and Ages 1-4 educational games to learn letters, numbers and math
Not Available
Free set of math and english language resources for grades 2-12 developed by expert teachers directly from the Common Core Standards
Educational games that help build a foundation in math and language skills
Not Available
Developmentally appropriate teaching designed to introduce and reinforce core early-learning concepts. Each issue features simple, predictable nonfiction; pencil-friendly activities and leson plans.
Create your own comic strip
Provides online math assistance in form of games
Mat games, logic puzzles, step-by-step instruction videos. Safe place for kids to learn and exlore math concepts online at their own pace
Student email, file sharing, storage for teachers/students
Systematic approach with phonemic awareness to teach children to read with phonics. Preschool-2nd grade, special ed and English language development
Develop special education curriculum, lesson plans and materials to include a weekly current events newspaper designed for child with special needs
Allows you to view newspapers from all around
Online tool for career exploration and job analysis
Allows collaboration
Provides fun, hands-on educational activities, games videos and more for kids
For teens and young adults with hearing loss
Tool that allows teacher to collect formative assesssment data in real-time
Online tool for organizing data
Provides personalized instruction and self directed learning aligned to the Common Core
Online presentation softward
Engaging learning activites that allow student to interact with content
eBooks for K-5 students to read anytime, anywhere. Students can listen to books for modeled fluency, read for practice and then record themselves so teachers can monitor progress
Recap provides teachers with new, creative ways to gather evidence of student thinking using video. It helps create new learning connections between students, parents and teachers, and foster more transformative dialogue by everyone. Great for any age!
Provides homework help, teacher resources and online test prep
Publishes and distributes books and educational material
Learning management system where teachers can organize class announcements, assignments and more
Provides fun, hands-on educational activities, games, videos and more centered around the Sesame Street program and characters
Free printables, links for rescources, sties and organizations that provide free information
A chat between two historicasl or fictional characters
Not Available
Worksheets, games, quizzes, etc… for both student and teacher
Interactive forum for speech/language pathologists and teachers to improve communication skills
Not Available
Games and activites to help students practice spelling and vocabulary concepts
24-hour preschool TV channel, providing TV Schedule, movies, videos, games for young children
Provides age appropriate learning resources that engage children using all learning styles
Web-based instruction and practice for reading, writing and math, with fun and engaging methods
Website that helps students engage in interactive math activites and games
Comprehensive Standards Based Math Curriculum
Create your own comics
Free math products to try
Collection of animated, talking picture books, created from existing picture books that are licenes from publishers
Educational games, including skill building and puzzle games, animated lesson plans, printable worksheets and other learning options to develop a comprehensive understanding of concepts in Math, Science, Language, Social Studies, Creativity and Logic
Free, not-for-profit online newspaper for kids, aged 8-15. It is updated daily with stories from the Associated Press that are chosen based on relevancy to pre-adolescents.
Create fake tweets and fictional status updates
Not Available
Online typing practice
Interactive platfrom to share images, video, audio and more and engage viewers in discussions about the content shared
Games to expand vocabulary
Math fact fluency program